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Learning Lunches

Shorter, hour-long sessions over Zoom specifically aimed at unconscious bias.

Unconscious bias (“UB”) is a topic that many people find an uncomfortable subject.  According to Harvard Business School’s latest data, the vast majority of unconscious bias training does not work due to attempts to remove all biases. Interculture offers the most up-to-date training to engage people and provides concrete tools for navigating and reducing UB, rather than pretending not to have any. We do more than increase awareness of bias and its impact, we teach people to manage their biases, change their behaviour, and track their progress. 

Covers topics such as:

More Info to Come...

  • We all have unconscious bias - So let's talk about it 

  • Why do we have biases? - The science behind it. 

  • Concrete tools to navigate your unconscious biases.

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