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We create friendly, safe spaces for dialogue around cultural matters that allow people to come together to share, listen, learn and ask questions.

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Upcoming Events

Our events provide platforms to the unheard and misrepresented voices of marginalised groups, to share lived experiences, increase awareness and connect communities. Through working closely with Bristol's diverse communities, we're able to host a range of events, representing multiple cultural experiences and a variety of important societal issues. Check out our monthly 'How to be an Ally' event - now attended by over 350 people!!

Women on Wheels

Come and join us for a fun, relaxed afternoon on whatever wheels you prefer! Learn about local projects and other opportunities to get moving and be nice to yourself. Share your thoughts on how we can get more women on wheels.

22nd May & 3rd July 2022 | 14:00-18:00
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Previous Events

Challenging Islamophobia

An informative, creative mix of talks by activists, academics and wonderful Bristolians who have inspired us over the years with their passion and commitment to challenging islamophobia.

Being LGBTQ+ Across Communities 

An interactive panel offering a chance to listen and discuss LGBTQ+ related issues in "cross culture communities". To understand how stigmatism and stereotypes harm members from a variety of backgrounds.


Muslim Women Talking

An interactive webinar presenting an inspirational panel of speakers from diverse backgrounds. A chance to hear stories and ask questions about Ramadan, clothing and Muslim women's experiences in society. 

Refugee Women Talking 

A panel event offering the opportunity to hear stories of 5 inspirational women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. A chance to hear their stories of heartbreak, survival and their hopes for the future.

Eid For Everyone

An interactive webinar giving the opportunity for Muslim communities to celebrate and share the joys of EID with our attendees in lockdown. A chance to experience, ask questions and learn about this unique celebration.

How To Be An Ally

An interactive webinar featuring All Black Lives Bristol, the organisers of the Bristol BLM demo that went down in history. A unique chance to hear the origins and experiences of this inspirational collective. To ask questions and learn how to be an ally to Black communities. 

Black Men & Women Talking

A rich mix of panellists from varied perspectives and careers express and discuss experiences of growing up in the UK and being a Black in the workplace. We invite therapists and NHS specialists to talk about the effects on mental health and where to get support.