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How To Be An Ally

How to be an Ally was launched in response to the wave of Black Lives Matter protests that followed the death of George Floyd.
Interculture wanted to support those affected and looking for guidance and so collaborated with All Black Lives Bristol to provide a safe space to ask questions, gain tips and advice on being an ally to Black people.

We have been present at Bristol's BLM demo's offering support and advice to individuals on the day, as well as running online events & training for further education.

Over 200 individuals in the Bristol area have already taken part and received allyship training. 

So how can you be an ally?

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Event Details

Part 1 - Introduction

Our introductory How to be an Ally event is your chance to hear from All Black Lives UK, the young collective organisers of the 12th June BLM demo that went down as one of the most powerful, inclusive and pivotal days in Bristol’s history.


After toppling Colston’s statue, the demo caused a worldwide surge of empowerment and triggered similar events across the globe. This event is a unique chance to listen, learn, share experiences and ask questions about allyship with these inspiring individuals in a safe and non-judgemental space.


The event also features spoken word artist and activist, Solomon. O.B, who performs a reading of his powerful and moving words "Moments into Movements" in which he has performed across the UK at BLM events.

Part 1 programme:

  • Discussion & tips on How to be an Ally

  • Advice on challenging racism & comments like "All Lives Matter"

  • The chance to hear & share lived experiences

  • What not to say & why

  • Sharing of mistakes made and how we can move forward

  • Shocking statistics on racial inequality in Bristol & the UK

  • Resources for further reading, watching & listening

Part 2 - Going Deeper

We also provide a follow on session specifically created for those who want to go deeper into the topic and develop further as an ally. 


Part 2 is an opportunity to discuss progress with individual pledges and any personal challenges or experiences since participating in part 1. The event introduces additional concepts and unpicks issues in today’s society such as unconscious bias and othering. The session inspires discussion between attendees and our panel which encourages communication and learning between participants. There is a chance to share and discuss mistakes previously made and to gain answers to questions they haven’t known who, or where to ask previously.


The event also features a surprise spoken word poetry performance from a powerful female voice resonating her views around allyship and the current situation in the UK and US relating to Black Lives Matter.


Part 2 programme:

  • Break down and explanation of the effects of colonialism & slavery on othering

  • Progress updates on individual pledges made in last session

  • Discussion time for feeding back on any personal experiences or challenges

  • Recognising unconscious biases and how to reduce them

  • Q & A time

  • Thought & discussion provoking polls

  • How to further your journey as an ally

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“I was able to listen to and learn from the Black community, to find out what they want and need from the white community. Engaging with this topic is useful, beneficial and allows us to maintain momentum"

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