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We ran two 6 week courses on "Intercultural Awareness and British Culture" for people of refugee background.We discussed a wide variety of subjects including : Identity, Unconscious Bias, The Other, Islamophobia, Racism, Feminism, Colonisation, Hate Crime, Homophobia, Well Being, Mindfulness and Positive Thinking.The two courses ran from November to January 2018 at the Barton Hill Settlement.

Facilitating Intercultural Communications


  • Due to the success of the first course and demand, we are starting the course at our office in St Pauls.

  • Local theatre group, The Wonderclub are currently working on  a theatre production for the Refugee Festival 2019.  At Interculture we do not believe in one offs!

  • The group decided to form a panel discussion also as part of the Refugee Festival  called Refugee Women Talking. At Interculture we believe that anybody with the right amount of support and preparation can be on a panel and do public speaking.

  • An increase in intercultural awareness for all participants , and facilitators!

  • Learned lots of new English vocabulary.

  • Reduced feeling of isolation for participants.

  • Increased confidence in expressing opinions, asking questions, sharing experiences.

  • Friendships were created and reinforced.

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“Thank you to Lisa and her team, I learnt so many new things about British history".

"I have started to watch many things on YouTube about British culture and history".


"It will help me a lot when my son is older".


"I have always worried that I do not know enough about the UK, now I know that if I need to know something I can just Google it or ask people without feeling stupid.“


“ We all learnt a lot, and we laughed a lot. It was very relax atmosphere. This is good for learning.I also made good friends. I want to do more, I want to study and learn more. I also like that different people from Interculture came to the course. Apart from us there were people from Belgium, Brazil, Spain and UK. We learn many things from each other.’


"I am looking forward to helping my children with homework. I learnt many different things about British culture, for example about Easter, Suffragettes, colonisation”


“I really like that we had people who were not refugees in the course. I am bored of always doing things with other refugees. We have many things in common with other migrants and British people. It was completely different to anything I have ever done. Thank you Interculture. Let’s do more”


Interculture would like are very thankful to The National Lottery: Awards for All for funding this amazing project.

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