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Modules can include:

  • Your allyship journey

  • Diversifying and recruitment

  • Understanding white privilege

  • The wheel of privileges

  • True inclusion and how to increase a sense of belonging

  • Getting uncomfortable before you get comfortable

  • We all have unconscious bias - so let's talk about it

  • The legacy of colonialism

We will work with you to adapt the length and content of sessions to fit with your individual needs.


For all sessions: 

  • Pre session suggested reading/listening/ listening

  • Pre session questionnaire

  • Post session feedback

  • Follow up email including anything that came up in the training and suggested further reading/ writing/ listening. 


We highly recommend our model of one x 3 hour session then a month later another 3 hour session. This gives attendees the opportunity to process, reflect, carry out pledges and feedback in the second session.

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 Response to ‘How did it make you feel? ‘

  • ‘Engaged and enthusiastic’

  • ‘Prepared to deal differently with issues of equality and access to opportunity and more likely to challenge others about their decisions and behaviours’

  • ‘Makes me feel more confident about what I can contribute to discussions and I know more than what I sometimes think I do!’

  • ‘That this is an important subject and something to continue to consider and learn about

  • ‘Challenged and interested’

  • ‘I was initially very nervous about the session as I was worried that I was going to say the wrong thing, but I ended up feeling a lot more comfortable than I thought I would be, and it made me realise that it's ok to make mistakes - how you learn from these mistakes and grow is what really matters’

  • ‘Challenged and keen to progress our work further on this journey’

  • ‘I felt safe to participate in the session- non-judgemental environment created’

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