Women Talking: Muslim Women's Clothing

2.00 hours

Malcolm X Centre, 141 City Rd, Bristol BS2 8YH

hair and skin

We are very excited about our Women Talking Series. After a hugely successful talk back in September it was clear that we needed to keep going with this! Women Talking is a physical space for women to speak and be heard, to improve intercultural awareness and a safe space to unpick some of the trickier conversations that we are often scared to speak about.

The first in our series was Muslim’s Women’s Clothing. An incredibly well-received event, with over 15 different nationalities attending, with a panel of muslim women shared their lived experience with us, some of whom had not spoken in public before.

Moving forward we intend to create a series of Women Talking Events and have currently included talks on Women’s Mental Health, Women’s Hair and Skin on our program. Please sign up to our mailing list to find out more.


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Over 100 people attended this event on September 12th 2017 a the Malcolm X Centre, and many links were forged. Feedback from attendees includes:

  • “I feel I’ve gained a lot on feeling comfortable with asking questions and breaking down some of these stereotypes through learning different words that are used within the culture”
  • “Diverse Panel, Interesting range of opinions, great energy, It was great to see how women on the panel were gaining confidence while the event”
  • “I feel these events can have very positive effects on communities as people are given opportunities to integrate and talk and share a space that without this event would not be able to happen.”
  • “It strengthens communities as it breaks the barrier of uncomfortableness”

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