Community outreach


8.00 hours


Hamilton House

80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY

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We took over this fantastic space in the heart of Stokes Croft, for two days of community outreach and engagement through our "I’m Interculture" photo campaign.

We had an overwhelming positive response from people, who were very happy to drop by and have a chat and have their photos taken.

  • Over 120 people came in had their photos taken and told us why they wrote , what they wrote.
  • People stayed from 5 minutes to the whole day.
  • Relationships ( both personal and business) were built.
  • Informal chats and larger group conversations took place.
  • Ideas were shared for future projects.
  • We listened to many ideas about what attendees thought Interculture should be doing.
  • Several people decided they wanted to join as volunteers.
  • People had the chance to make a short video talking about how what Interculture does impacts on them.

Topics discussed included:

  • Whiteness ( white fragility, priviledge)
  • Racism and inequality in education.
  • Structural racism.
  • Unconscious bias
  • Fear of black men, where it comes from, what can be done..( whether it is people holding their bags tighter or thinking they do not know how to greet black men)
  • Why some black people are scared of black men, social conditioning, media representation, films etc..
  • Growing up as person of colour ( POC) in a mainly white area.
  • Can POC be racist? Why is the power dynamic important?
  • Being mixed race.
  • Colourism, skin lightening and tanning.
  • How it can be difficult for Spanish people to integrate in Bristol.
  • Tips for learning foreign languages.
  • How to speak ‘ international English’ , so you are easier to understand for people who do not have a high level of English.
  • Different Englishes.( English, Scottish, Irish, Jamaican, Kenyan)
  • Racism in the LGBTQ+ world.
  • LGBTQ+ discrimination in BAME communities. Influence of colonisation, sexual orientation laws.

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