I'm Interculture

What is it?

1 We tell people what we do as an organisation.

2 We give them time to reflect on why they are Interculture.

3 They complete the sentence, I’m Interculture because….

4 We have a chat with them about ideas for projects


We have had stalls out on the street and this has been fantastic for meeting local people and building our team.

Why now?

Since coming up with the name Interculture, we have been waiting for the right time to launch our ‘ I’m Interculture ‘ campaign. So, with all the negativity and the rise in racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia due to Brexit and Trump, we thought now is the time to balance it out with a whole load of positivity, unity  and love.

Why ?

It helps them reflect on why they think what we do is positive, it gives them the chance to have a chat with us about their own personal experiences and those of others.

What was the response?

People have been very responsive and even if they have been camera shy, they have been happy to stop for an interesting chat and give us their opinions.

We have heard some wonderful stories, and some sadder ones.

People have talked to us about their own related projects, identity, experiences of racism, islamophobia and xenophobia and of course we have heard a few Brexit rants.

Some people chatted for 3 or 4  minutes , had their photo taken and then went on their way, others stayed for 3 or 4 hours and joined in chatting to people and taking photos!

Social media

We have shared the images on Instagram and Facebook.

Going global

We have already got photos from Amsterdam, Germany and Japan. There will be more and keep your eyes out for our interactive world map , so you can see where we are spreading the Interculture word.

Get involved!

  • Watch our short film explaining what being Interculture means.
  • Click on the link and download the poster.
  • Print of the poster.
  • Take photos of yourself, friends, family, workmates or even people you don’t know yet.
  • Upload your photos on her or share them on Facebook or Instagram.

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