Women Talking Series

Women Talking is space for women to speak and be heard, to improve intercultural awareness and a safe space to unpick some of the trickier conversations that we are often scared to speak about.

We are very excited about our Women Talking Series. After a hugely successful talk back in September it was clear that we needed to keep going with this! Due to community demand , we are going to allow men to attend our Women Talking events

The first in our series was Muslim’s Women’s Clothing. An incredibly well-recieved event, with over 15 different nationalities attending, with a panel of Muslim women shared their lived experience with us, some of whom had not spoken in public before.

Over 100 people attended this event on September 12th 2017 a the Malcolm X Centre, and many links were forged.


Hanna El Seif Nasr, one of our team , spoke about colourism in her native coutry of Eygpt , and how shockingly her 7 year old sister came back from school with her school photos having been lightened and de blemished. Hanna also talked about gingerism and the strange social acceptance across cultures.

Mena Fombo told us all about her campaign ‘ No, you cannot touch my hair’ You can watch her video and thought provoking Ted Talk on here.

Angharad Iris wrote and delivered a beautiful poem , about what it means to be a woman which is also on here. She also discussed the concept and history of body hair across cultures and history.

Lisa Whitehouse (our founding director) spoke about the history tanning and the multi million pound business it has become.

Future Women Talking Events

We are now planning other Women Talking events including: Mental Health in the BME Community, Homophobia in different communities, Domestic Violence, Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage.

Participant Q&A:

Do you feel that these types of events can help strenghten communities and why?

YES !! It does shed light - bring different communities together. It creates harmony and unity for whatever cause.

Yes, definetly it brings people together and gives thema safe platform.

Yes, I feel they make people more confident to speak, and it is a great way for communities to engage with different groups.

Definietly. Getting to know eachother is how we breakdown barriers.

Yes ,please carry on with the great work!!

YES, to create support networks in the community

Do you now feel more comfortable asking questions?


Yes, I feel more comfortable and I will start to talk more about my experiences , and ask others.

Yes, i can refer back to some of the speakers

Absolutely! I have always worried about offending people, but now I will just try and ask questions, in the right way at the right time.

What do you feel you have gained from this event?


Creative insight, empowerment, learned new things,found similarities, found similar passionate people who want to make a positive difference.

I feel more confident talking to other women from my area because i can be shy sometimes and just speak to other women from my nationality.

I spoke in front of about 100 women today. I have never spoken in front of so many people. I feel good.


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